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A few days ago my husband got the itch to move some furniture around. I call it playing HGTV, because that channel is full of home renovation and make-over shows.

He did most of his HGTVing in our bedroom, but he also did a little bit in the dining room area, Previously, my desk allowed me to peek into the kitchen. Seeing dirty dishes always distracts me from writing, but closing the kitchen door was not an option because Soba needs the access to his litter box in the laundry room.

So my desk was pushed to the other wall and the dining room table was moved closer to the kitchen. The kitchen is now to my back and if I want, I can peek down the hall and have a pretty good view of my daughter's bedroom. No more messy kitchen distractions. I also now have a bigger wall on which to hang things... the new dry erase boards I may or may not have bought today.

Confession: I bought three.

I couldn't help myself! I loooove dry erase boards.

Several years ago, a friend of mine bought me a weekly one with a cork board. I have that one in the kitchen and I use it for weekly meal planning.

One of the three I bought today was a small one for Cupcake to play with. The other two are hanging above my desk and they are glorious.

One is a big one that currently just reads: YOU SHOULD BE WRITING! because a) I am incapable of leaving a white board blank and b) if I am at my desk, chances are very high that I should be writing.

The other is a monthly one that is semi color-coded. It came with these nifty hanging pens and though the example on the package was that each member of the family have their own color, this white board is just for me, so I've color coded it for family stuff (green), writing (pink), exercise (blue) and misc (orange).

My writing space just got a whole lot awesomer.


Oh, and bonus! I received Pokemon X in the mail yesterday, so since I've hit my word goal for today and it's getting late(ish), I'm gonna go lounge in bed and watch Netflix and catch some Pokemon. [ profile] seanan_mcguire told me on Tumblr that we could trade once I level up. :D

SPIRIT MYSTIC: 3,827 / 75,000

Have finally moved on to the second chapter. I don't think there are any more ways I can fiddle with that first chapter and I am pretty damn happy with how this version (version 16) turned out. You see that Nadia is relatively young, you learn she ran away and joined the elven circus and you learn about her problem as well as some of the history behind the forbidden magics.

So today I finished that first chapter and moved on to the second chapter, which is a shift in POVs to Aidan.

Here's today's snippet:

“She’s alive. I saw her.”

“For the last time, what you think you saw was nothing. Your sister has been dead for years, her body found in woods by a ranger. You attended her funeral, saw her bones burn on the pyre. It is long past time you accept it. I don’t want to hear another word about this again. Do you understand me?”

Aidan clenched his jaw, biting back his words. He didn’t care what his father said, he knew the truth. He had seen her every night for the past week, standing at the foot of his bed like an apparition. She never moved, never said a word, but she was there and she was real.

Nadia was still alive.

“Do you understand me?” his father asked again.

“Yes, sir,” Aidan replied stiffly.

“Good. Now, we can focus on more important matters. Like your induction into the guild.”

“You do know it’s not just my induction, right? It is a ceremony for all seven recruits.”

His father smiled. “I am aware of that, and I will be sure to congratulate them, but they are not my son. I have waited years for this day. You have made me very proud.”

Aidan could not help but return his father’s smile. It had been his boyhood dream to join the Sun Paladins and, after years of studying with the guild, he was finally being inducted to be full member.

Kivuli is almost upon us as well. And where we would normally spend the night week in the temple fasting and renewing our vows to Jua, this year the crown prince has hired the sarakasi to perform for the entire week of Kivuli. Because of that, this year’s festivities are liable to get out of hand and we will be needed to keep the peace in the streets. You know how those cirque performers are.”

He smirked. His father despised anything that didn’t command itself with rigidity and regulations. For him, the glory of being a Sun Paladin came from its strict structure. Everything was black and white in the paladin’s guild. There was no room for gray. But for Aidan, the desire to be one of the Sun Paladin’s stemmed from the old stories. Nearly all of the heroes in the old legends were warriors — desert mercenaries, mountain soldiers or woodland fighters. Being Mapori, a Sun Paladin was as close to a heroic warrior as one could get.

Whiteboard awesomeness

Date: 2014-02-27 02:21 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I never saw a whiteboard quite like that cork/weekly one you have there (dare I say that I could never leave something so cool in the kitchen)?

.... And hmmm, looks like Aidan's father might actually suspect his daughter is alive, but won't accept it because of her being who she is now.

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