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I've done pretty well with ROW80 in the past, but since migrating my blog over to LJ, I have not participated. After talking about goals over on [ profile] paragraphs, journal, I realized I kind of missed participating in ROW80.

So I'm jumping back on the bandwagon, and adding a personal twist. Not only will I do my weekly (or bi-weekly, I haven't decided yet) check-ins, but I'm going to add writing snippets to keep me focused on adding NEW words and not just fiddling with the same chapter over and over...which, if you haven't guessed, is what I have been doing all month long.

Today I added it up. 24,000 words on MYSTIC. 15 variations on the same scene. Now I fully admit that I am an edit-as-I-go type of writer. I have tried to turn off my inner editor, but it never works. I know that by editing as I go, my writing process is slower than other writers. However, I usually have a pretty clean first draft, too. I also know that I struggle with opening scenes. Until that opening scene is just right, I have a hard time moving on. But I am determined! Mostly because I really only have about 5-6 weeks to finish the first draft of MYSTIC before I need to put it away for awhile and start working on UNBREAKABLE.

UNBREAKABLE has a deadline, MYSTIC does not. Even though I want to be querying MYSTIC by this summer, UNBREAKABLE is releasing sometime in the fall of this year, so it's a priority project.


On to my ROW80 Goals.

  • Finish first draft of SPIRIT MYSTIC (Forbidden Mageias 1) by mid-April. Goal: Approx. 70K. I'd like at least 40K by the end of March.

  • Begin prepping UNBREAKABLE (Everwinter 2). Want to begin working on it in April.

  • Begin first draft of UNBREAKABLE. Would like to average 1.5-2K a day, if not more.

  • Post a snippet of new material each week with my ROW80 Check-ins.

That's it for now...except, as promised, here's a snippet from SPIRIT MYSTIC.

The air thrummed with energy.

But it wasn't the general, excitable feeling of the sarakasi. As she paced the hall outside of the Ring Master's private quarters, anxiety and fear churned beneath Nadia's skin like an itch that couldn't be satisfied.

She felt sick. Her pounding head did nothing to help, either.

Glancing out the window, the courtyard was alive with laughter and light. Beneath the high noon sun, flame-eaters and tumblers practiced their craft while jesters and mimes mimicked them with exaggerated gestures. She fiddled with the garnet pendant on her necklace and tried to spot the Ring Master.

If she knew when he was arriving, perhaps she could find a way to calm herself before their meeting.

She looked down at the array of orange and red stones she was wearing and wished she had chosen something calmer, like amethysts. Instead, she was wearing golden rings with citrine stones, bracelets of light green peridot and pale yellow heliodor and a necklace with a rather large hessonite garnet. They were great for giving her energy and helping her stay awake, but terrible at calming her too-agited nerves.

The door behind her opened. She jumped and then squeezed her eyes shut as embarrassment flooded through her.

The Ring Master.

Nadia had thought he was still downstairs. Orelia, one of the water dancers, had told her as much when she'd asked.

She probably saw Kin, the stupid cow.

The Ring Master's son was a near mirror image of his father, but Nadia thought that Orelia should still have been able to tell the difference between a grown man and his teenage son.

She let out a deep breath and turned to face him.

Welcome Back

Date: 2014-02-24 11:49 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] (from
There's plenty of room on the bandwagon.
My inner proofreader will not be turned off. My inner substantive editor, however, can be silenced for a time.
All the best with your current and upcoming projects.
Have a great week.

Date: 2014-02-25 09:35 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] (from
Welcome to this round of ROW80, Alice. I, too, am an edit-as-I-go sort of writer. I'll sprint ahead for a few chapters, but if I know something is wrong, I feel like there's no point in continuing down the wrong path. To me, it's like driving 50 miles in the wrong direction simply because I didn't take the right entrance/exit to begin with. I'd rather pull over, figure out what's not working, and correct course before I'm too far in.

Good luck with your goals!

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