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 I moved my blog to Dreamwidth. 

Very LJ similar, but people/communities seem to be a lot more active on Dreamwidth than on LJ. It seems like when I find people of interest on LJ, they haven't updated in years. But when I do the same search on Dreamwidth, people are listed in order of whose most recently posted to their blog. Which is nice. Cause I'm not being shown people who have been absent for years.

In any event, posts to Dreamwidth will cross over to LJ for the one or two people who actually read it...LOL

On to the writing news!

Been researching a lot of stuff for Selene Wilde, and have some awesome new ideas to add into that story. Unfortunately, it's April, which means it's time for me to get super serious about UNBREAKABLE. 

At the same time, however, I really hate to just stop writing midway through HUNTRESS (Selene Wilde's tentative title), so I'm going to experiment (again) with working on two projects at once. I've never had much luck with this, but if I can at least get the bare bones of Selene's story down before they evaporate, then I can set it aside while I work on UNBREAKABLE.

But UNBREAKABLE is the priority, so only time can tell if I end up having to put Selene on hold or not.
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